Factors Influencing Students Behavioral Intention to Continue Artificial Intelligence Learning


Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly employed in education for enhancing teaching practices and meeting students' learning needs. A number of AI learning opportunities in K-12 and higher education continue to grow across the world. Yet, little research has been done to investigate K-12 students' behavioral intention to learn AI. This study, which involved a sample of 131 primary students, examined the factors that affect students' behavioral intention to engage in AI learning. The exploratory factor analysis was employed to validate a four-factor survey. The general factor model includes (i) AI literacy, (ii) confidence in AI, (iii) AI for social good, and (iv) behavioral intention. The results showed that the first 3 factors were positively associated with the last factor. Students perceive the purpose of learning AI for social good as the most powerful predictor for their behavioral intention.



Software And Hardware

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