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final year artificial intelligence projects 2020-2021

Latest IEEE 2020 2021 final year artificial Intelligence projects(AI project) topic ME,BE

1159Predicting-COVID-19-in-China-Using-Hybrid-AI-ModelNON IEEE -2021
1158PiiGAN-Generative-Adversarial-Networks-for-Pluralistic-Image-InpaintingNON IEEE -2020
1156Method-of-Robotic-Process-Automation-in-Software-Testing-Using-Artificial-IntelligenceNON IEEE -2021
1155Discussion-on-the-application-of-artificial-intelligence-technology-in-the-construction-of-physical-education-class-in-higher-vocational-collegeNON IEEE -2021
1154COVID-19-Artificial-Intelligence-Diagnosis-using-only-Cough-RecordingsNON IEEE -2021
1024Vehicle-Detection-Using-Artificial-Intelligence-For-Traffic-SurveillanceNON IEEE -2021
1019Effect-Of-COVID-19-On-The-TechnologiesNON IEEE -2021
1017Automatic-Number-Plate-Recognition-System-Using-Raspberry-Pi-And-PythonNON IEEE -2021
1016Automated-Fraud-Detection-In-Examination-From-Hall-TicketNON IEEE -2021
1012Artificial-Intelligence-–-New-Backbone-To-EducationNON IEEE -2021
1010Analysis-Of-Optimizing-Neural-Networks-For-GuidanceNavigation-And-Control-SystemsNON IEEE -2021
1007AI-Based-Car-Arcade-Game-With-Minimum-Processing-And-Optimal-Speed-Using-Computer-Vision-Techniques-For-Non-GPU-DevicesNON IEEE -2021
1006A-Review--The-Golden-Triangle-Of-RPA-AI-And-Digital-TransformationNON IEEE -2021

Expectation of teacher from student about:-final year artificial intelligence projects

1)student should able to understand how algorithm works

2)it must be linked with real time scenarios eg. Intelligentally identifying sarcasm with the voice type.

3)you must modify some things from previous existing paper in your final year artificial intelligence projects

4)you should be good enough to explain any queries regarding your final year artificial intelligence projects and algorithms . Why specific algorithm is chosen and why not others.

artificial-intelligence-final year-project-topic

All final year artificial intelligence projects topics are sorted from IEEE to enhance students involvement in this field as future tends to be more ‘ART-FI’

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Algorithms used in artificial intelligence:-

  1. Linear Regression.
  2. Logistic Regression. 
  3. Decision Tree. 
  4. SVM (Support Vector Machine with four kernels) 
  5. Naive Bayes. 
  6. KNN (K- Nearest Neighbors) 
  7. K-Means. 
  8. Random Forest.
  9. CNN(Convolutional neural network)
  10. ANN(Artificial neural network)
  11. RNN(recurrent neural network)


Difference between Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence- taken from here 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the terms of computer science. This article discusses some points on the basis of which we can differentiate between these two terms.


Artificial Intelligence : The word Artificial Intelligence comprises of two words “Artificial” and “Intelligence”. Artificial refers to something which is made by human or non natural thing and Intelligence means ability to understand or think. There is a misconception that Artificial Intelligence is a system, but it is not a system .AI is implemented in the system. There can be so many definition of AI, one definition can be “It is the study of how to train the computers so that computers can do things which at present human can do better.”Therefore It is a intelligence where we want to add all the capabilities to machine that human contain.

Machine Learning : Machine Learning is the learning in which machine can learn by its own without being explicitly programmed. It is an application of AI that provide system the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience. Here we can generate a program by integrating input and output of that program. One of the simple definition of the Machine Learning is “Machine Learning is said to learn from experience E w.r.t some class of task T and a performance measure P if learners performance at the task in the class as measured by P improves with experiences.”

Applications of artificial intelligence
  • Knowledge reasoning.
  • Planning.
  • Machine learning.
  • Natural language processing.
  • Computer vision.
  • Robotics.
  • Artificial general intelligence.

Merits of AI

  1. 24/7 Availability. Machines don’t require frequent breaks and refreshments as like human beings. 
  2. Day to Day Application. 
  3. Digital Assistance. 
  4. Handling Repetitive Jobs. 
  5. Medical Applications. 
  6. Hazardous Exploration. 
  7. Reduction of Error.

Demerits of AI

  1. High Cost: Creation of artificial intelligence requires huge costs as they are very complex machines. 
  2. No Replicating Humans: Intelligence is believed to be a gift of nature. 
  3. No Improvement with Experience: Unlike humans, artificial intelligence cannot be improved with experience. 
  4. No Original Creativity: 
  5. Unemployment:

Where to use CNN for final year artificial intelligence projects.

CNN–>Convolution Neural Network (CNN) are particularly useful for spatial data analysis, image recognition, computer vision, natural language processing, signal processing and variety of other different purposes. It is much more powerful compared to the other feedback forward networks for image recognition is the fact that they do not require as much human intervention and parameters as some of the other networks such as MLP do. This is primarily driven by the fact that CNNs have neurons arranged in three dimensions.

In this research, CNN is used, and the accuracy obtained using this Neural Network for epoch=300 and nodes=11 – 80.33 %

1Sentiment Analysis of Twitter DataArtificial Intelligence2019
2Deep Learning-based Job Placement in Distributed Machine Learning ClustersArtificial Intelligence2019
3Human Behaviour Recognition Using Wifi Channel State InformationArtificial Intelligence2019
4Deep Learning Based Phase Reconstruction for Speaker Separation: A Trigonometric PerspectiveArtificial Intelligence2019
5DRL360: 360-degree Video Streaming with Deep Reinforcement LearningArtificial Intelligence2019
6A Review on Machine Learning Classification Techniques for Plant Disease DetectionArtificial Intelligence2019
7Disentangling Correlated Speaker and Noise for Speech Synthesis via Data Augmentation and Adversarial FactorizationArtificial Intelligence2019
8A Fully Convolutional Neural Network for Complex Spectrogram Processing in Speech EnhancementArtificial Intelligence2019
9Mobile Robot Navigation based on Deep Reinforcement LearningArtificial Intelligence2019
10Real-time Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine LearningArtificial Intelligence2019
11An Attention-based Neural Network Approach for Single Channel Speech EnhancementArtificial Intelligence2019
12Packet-based Network Traffic Classification Using Deep LearningArtificial intelligence2019
13Phonemic-level Duration Control Using Attention Alignment for Natural Speech SynthesisArtificial intelligence2019
14Crowd-Robot Interaction: Crowd-Aware Robot Navigation With Attention-Based Deep Reinforcement LearningArtificial intelligence2019
15Static and Dynamic Malware Analysis Using Machine LearningArtificial intelligence2019
16Fast Imaging in the Dark by using Convolutional NetworkArtificial intelligence2019
17Self-supervised Audio-visual Co-segmentationArtificial intelligence2019
18Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Breast Cancer DiagnosisArtificial intelligence2019
19Randomly Weighted CNNs for (Music) Audio ClassificationArtificial intelligence2019
20Artificial Intelligence of Things Wearable System for Cardiac Disease DetectionArtificial intelligence2019
21Multi-speaker Emotional Acoustic Modeling for CNN-based Speech SynthesisArtificial intelligence2019
22Summary of Research on IT Network and Industrial Control Network Security Assessmentnetwork security2019
23Fully Supervised Speaker DiarizationArtificial intelligence2019
24Real-time machine learning for early detection of heart disease using big data approachArtificial intelligence2019
25Artificial Intelligence in Future Evolution of Mobile CommunicationArtificial intelligence2019
26A LSTM-Based Method for Comprehension and Evaluation of Network Security Situationnetwork security2019
27Internet of Things for Greenhouse Monitoring System Using Deep Learning and Bot Notification ServicesArtificial intelligence2019
28Towards a fully automated and optimized network security functions orchestrationnetwork security2019
29Real-time Speech Enhancement Using an Efficient Convolutional Recurrent Network for Dual-microphone Mobile Phones in Close-talk ScenariosArtificial intelligence2019
30User Profiling Based on Application-Level Using Network Metadatanetwork security2019
31A survey on security threats and authentication approaches in wireless sensor networksnetwork security2018
32Prediction of Heart Disease Using Machine Learning Algorithms.Artificial intelligence2019
33Research of Computer Network Security Evaluation Based on Backpropagation Neural Networknetwork security2019
34DioT: A Federated Self-learning Anomaly Detection System for IoTArtificial intelligence2019
35MapReduce Approach to Build Network User Profiles with Top-k Rankings for Network Securitynetwork security2018
36Intrusion Detection by Deep Learning with TensorFlowArtificial intelligence2019
37Network Security Situation Prediction Based on Long Short-Term Memory Networknetwork security2019
38Improving Wireless Network Security Based On Radio Fingerprintingnetwork security2019
39Spoofing Attack Detection by Anomaly DetectionArtificial intelligence2019
40Multi-Dimension Threat Situation Assessment Based on Network Security Attributesnetwork security2018
41AIR: Attentional Intention-Aware Recommender SystemsArtificial intelligence2019
42Research and Implementation of Security Technology in Campus Network Constructionnetwork security2019
43Location-Velocity Attention for Pedestrian Trajectory PredictionArtificial intelligence2019
44IDS Based Network Security Architecture with TCP/IP Parameters using Machine Learningnetwork security2018
45Research on Node Routing Security Scheme Based on Dynamic Reputation Value in Content Centric Networksnetwork security2019
46Real-Time Early Warning of Network Security Threats Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithmnetwork security2019
47Enabling Cyber Security Data Sharing for Large-scale Enterprises Using Managed Security Servicesnetwork security2018
48Software Defined Security Architecture with Deep Learning-Based Network Anomaly Detection Modulenetwork security2019
49The Network Security Classified Protection System Construction of Meteorological Observation Center of China Meteorological Administrationnetwork security2019
50Network security testing tools for SMEs (small and medium enterprises)network security2018
51CSSS: Cyber security simulation service for software defined tactical networksnetwork security2018
52Complex Networks Monitoring and Security and Fraud Detection for Enterprisesnetwork security2019
53Security Analysis of Open Source Network Access Control in Virtual Networksnetwork security2018
54IPsec/Firewall Security Policy Analysis: A Surveynetwork security2018
55Research on key technology of network security situation awareness of private cloud in enterprisesnetwork security2018
56Securing OpenFlow Controller of Software-Defined Networks using Bayesian Networknetwork security2019
57Performance Evaluation and Analysis of various Network Security toolsnetwork security2019
58Performance Evaluation and Analysis of various Network Security toolsnetwork security2020
59Development of the ELDC and reliability evaluation of composite power system using Monte Carlo methodbig data2019
60Exploiting Social Tie and SIR Characteristic for Cooperative Jamming: A Game Model in a Two-layer Networknetwork security2018
61Twitter Text Mining for Sentiment Analysis on People’s Feedback about Oman Tourismbig data2019
62Study on a Decision Method for Reconfiguration of Network Security Functions Based on Privilege Transition Graphnetwork security2018
63Big Data Quality Framework: Pre-Processing Data in Weather Monitoring Applicationbig data2019
64Real-time machine learning for early detection of heart disease using big data approachBig data2019
65Research on Campus Network Security Management Technology Based on Big Datanetwork security2019
66Design and Implementation of a New Intelligent Substation Network Security Defense Systemnetwork security2019
67Stock Market Analysis using Supervised Machine LearningBig data2019
68Wireless Network Security Detection System Design Based on Clientnetwork security2018
69Research on Intrusion Data Mining Algorithm Based on Multiple Minimum SupportBig data2019
70ACE of Spades in the IoT Security Game: A Flexible IPsec Security Profile for Access Controlnetwork security2018
71Combining Machine Learning and Behavior Analysis Techniques for Network Securitynetwork security2020
72Research and Application of Smart Grid Early Warning Decision Platform Based on Big Data AnalysisBig data2019
73A Network Coding Optimization Scheme for Niche Algorithm based on Security Performancenetwork security2019
74Research on a Pattern-Matching Algorithm for the Network Security Systemnetwork security2018
75Study on Deep Unsupervised Learning Optimization Algorithm Based on Cloud ComputingBig data2019
76A Dynamic Prediction Model of Real-Time Link Travel Time Based on Traffic Big DataBig data2019
77SDX-based security collaboration: Extending the security reach beyond network domainsnetwork security2018
78Stock Prediction Based on LSTM under Different StabilityBig data2019
79Big Data Goes Small: Real-Time Spectrum-Driven Embedded Wireless Networking Through Deep Learning in the RF LoopBig data2019
80Deep Learning Based Forecasting in Stock Market with Big Data AnalyticsBig data2019
81A New Approach for Scheduling Tasks and/or Jobs in Big Data ClusterBig data2019
82Early Detection of Network Incident Using Open Security Informationnetwork security2018
83Research on Short-Term Load Forecasting Using XGBoost Based on Similar DaysBig data2019
84An Improved K-means Algorithm Based on Intersection over Union for Network Securitynetwork security2019
85A Study on E-commerce Recommender System Based on Big DataBig data2019
86Analysis of Various Trust based Security Algoithm for the Vehicular AD-HOC Networknetwork security2018
87Digital Ant Mechanism and Its Application in Network Securitynetwork security2019
88Integration of Multiple IP Domains in Low-Cost and Security-Oriented Small Networksnetwork security2018
89Public Perception Based Recommendation System for CryptocurrencyBig data2019
90Network Security Based on D-S Evidence Theory Optimizing CS-BP Neural Network Situation Assessmentnetwork security2018
91Providing Security in Vehicular Adhoc Network using Cloud Computing by secure key Methodnetwork security2018
92Analysis of Investor Sentiment and Stock Market Volatility Trend Based on Big Data StrategyBig data2019
93OFMTL-SEC: State-based Security for Software Defined Networksnetwork security2018
94Attacking Network Isolation in Software-Defined Networks: New Attacks and Countermeasuresnetwork security2018
95Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks for Text ClassificationBig data2019
96Pedestrian Detection and Location Algorithm Based on Deep LearningBig data2019
97Traffic Light Recognition and Ranging System Based on Machine VisionBig data2019
98Review on Securing Medical Big Data in Healthcare CloudBig data2019
99Dark Data Management as frontier of Information GovernanceBig data2019
100Framework of Big data Analysis about IoT-Home-device for supporting a decision making an effective strategy about new product designBig data2019
101Presto: SQL on EverythingBig data2019
102An Audio Classification Approach Based on Machine LearningBig data2019
103Traffic Prediction Based on Ensemble Machine Learning Strategies with Bagging and LightGBMBig data2019
104The Impact of Sentiment Analysis on Social Media to Assess Customer Satisfaction: Case of RwandaBig data2019
105Research on Medical Service System Based on Big Data TechnologyBig data2019
106Implementing Big Data Lake for Heterogeneous Data SourcesBig data2019
107Big Data Analysis of E-Commerce Based on the Internet of ThingsBig data2019
108Big Data Analytics for User Association Characterization in Large-Scale WiFi SystemBig data2019
109Big Data Analytics for Higher Education in The Cloud EraBig data2019
110Design and Implementation of Classroom Attendance System Based on Video Face RecognitionBig data2019
111Towards Federated Learning Approach to Determine Data Relevance in Big DataBig data2019
112Determining the Intervening Effects of Exploratory Data Analysis and Feature Engineering in Telecoms Customer Churn ModellingBig data2019
113Big Data Analytics using Machine Learning TechniquesBig data2019
114Construction Method of Domain Knowledge Graph Based on Big Data-drivenBig data2019
115Lameness Detection as a Service: Application of Machine Learning to an Internet of CattleBig data2019
116Big Data Quality Framework: Pre-Processing Data in Weather Monitoring ApplicationBig data2019
117An Effective and Scalable Data Modeling for Enterprise Big Data PlatformBig data2019
118QualiBD: A Tool for Modelling Quality Requirements for Big Data ApplicationsBig data2019
119Federated Query processing for Big Data in Data ScienceBig data2019
120Research on Government Integrity Evaluation Based on Big DataBig data2019
121Using Big Data for Data Leak PreventionBig data2019
122Research on Feasibility Path of Technology Supervision and Technology Protection in Big Data EnvironmentBig data2019
123Research on Real-time Analysis and Hybrid Encryption of Big DataBig data2019
124City Geospatial Dashboard: IoT and Big Data Analytics for Geospatial Solutions Provider in Disaster ManagementBig data2019
125A Big-Data Approach to Defining Breathing Signatures for Identifying Respiratory DiseaseBig data2019
126Adaptive Learning Model and Implementation Based on Big DataBig data2019
127Investigating Random Undersampling and Feature Selection on Bioinformatics Big DataBig data2019
128BigOptiBase: Big Data Analytics for Base Station Energy Consumption OptimizationBig data2019
129Research on Hotspot and Trend of Online Public Opinion Research in Big Data EnvironmentBig data2019
130Big Data Analysis on Social NetworkingBig data2019
131Research of Flexible Load Analysis of Distribution Network Based on Big DataBig data2019
132An Approach of Russian Online Learning Behavior Analysis and Mining Based on Big DataBig data2019
133Big Data Forecasting Model of Indoor Positions for Mobile Robot Navigation Based on Apache Spark PlatformBig data2019
134A Framework for Integrating Big Data Security Into Agricultural Supply ChainBig data2019
135Research on Medical Service System Based on Big Data TechnologyBig data2019
136A New Approach for Scheduling Tasks and/or Jobs in Big Data ClusterBig data2019
137A Dynamic Prediction Model of Real-Time Link Travel Time Based on Traffic Big DataBig data2019
138Analysis of the Application of Military Big Data in Equipment Quality Information ManagementBig data2019
139Big Data and Safety Management Methods: The Reduction Model of Hot Work NumberBig data2019
140Blockchain: A game changer for securing IoT dataBig data2019
141A High Performance Blockchain Platform for Intelligent DevicesBlockchain2018
142Blockchain: A game changer for securing IoT dataBlockchain2018
143Blockchain: Challenges and applicationsBlockchain2018
144Blockchain-based traceability in Agri-Food supply chain management: A practical implementationBlockchain2018
145Blockchain IoT (BIoT): A New Direction for Solving Internet of Things Security and Trust IssuesBlockchain2018
146Blockchain-Based E-Voting SystemBlockchain2018
147Towards secure e-voting using ethereum blockchainBlockchain2018
148A blockchain-based access control system for cloud storageBlockchain2018
149Identity-based network security for commercial blockchain servicesBlockchain2018
150Blockchain based smart contract for bidding systemBlockchain2018
151Blockchain and smart contract for digital certificateBlockchain2018
152A Privacy-Aware PKI System Based on Permissioned BlockchainsBlockchain2018
153Blockchain for government services — Use cases security benefits and challengesBlockchain2018
154Performance Benchmarking and Optimizing Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain PlatformBlockchain2018
155Bitcoin price prediction using machine learningBlockchain2018
156Smart contracts: security patterns in the ethereum ecosystem and solidityBlockchain2018
157A Blockchain-based key Management Scheme for Named Data NetworkingBlockchain2019
158A Blockchain-Based Energy Trading Platform for Smart Homes in a MicrogridBlockchain2018
159Blockchain and Internet of Things data provider for smart applicationsBlockchain2018
160AlkylVM: A Virtual Machine for Smart Contract Blockchain Connected Internet of ThingsBlockchain2018
161Searching an Encrypted Cloud Meets Blockchain: A Decentralized Reliable and Fair RealizationBlockchain2018
162BlocHIE: A BLOCkchain-Based Platform for Healthcare Information ExchangeBlockchain2018
163Blockchain based smart energy trading platform using smart contractBlockchain2018
164On the Design of a Blockchain-Based System to Facilitate Healthcare Data SharingBlockchain2018
165A Review on Benefits of IoT Integrated Blockchain based Supply Chain Management Implementations across Different Sectors with Case StudyBlockchain2018
166A Blockchain Proxy for Lightweight IoT DevicesBlockchain2018
167A Blockchain based Witness Model for Trustworthy Cloud Service Level Agreement EnforcementBlockchain2019
168Develop Leave Application using Blockchain Smart ContractBlockchain2019
169Adaptation of Proof-of-Stake-based Blockchains for IoT Data StreamsBlockchain2019
170A Secure Healthcare System Design Framework using Blockchain TechnologyBlockchain2019
171A Video Surveillance System Based on Permissioned Blockchains and Edge ComputingBlockchain2019
172DDoS Botnet Prevention using Blockchain in Software Defined Internet of ThingsBlockchain2019
173TrustChain: Trust Management in Blockchain and IoT Supported Supply ChainsBlockchain2019
174Traceability of counterfeit medicine supply chain through BlockchainBlockchain2019
175A Study on smart city security policy based on blockchain in 5G AgeBlockchain2019
176Blockchain-Based Management of Video Surveillance SystemsBlockchain2019
177The upcoming Blockchain adoption in Higher-education: requirements and processBlockchain2019
178Blockchain Based Secure Communication for IoT Devices in Smart CitiesBlockchain2019
179Blockchain-based secure firmware management system in IoT environmentBlockchain2019
180Blockchain Privacy Protection Scheme Based on Aggregate SignatureBlockchain2019
181Blockchain based Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme for Secure IoT Data SharingBlockchain2019
182Securing Blockchain based Electronic Health Record using Multilevel AuthenticationBlockchain2019
183A Blockchain-based Trust Management Approach for Connected Autonomous Vehicles in Smart CitiesBlockchain2019
184A Privacy-Preserving E-Commerce System Based on the Blockchain TechnologyBlockchain2019
185Using blockchain Technology for Boost Cyber SecurityBlockchain2019
186Towards Blockchain-based Electricity Trading System and Cyber Resilient MicrogridsBlockchain2019
187Transactive Energy Management with Blockchain Smart Contracts for P2P Multi-Settlement MarketsBlockchain2019
188Blockchain-based Notarization for Social MediaBlockchain2019
189Smart Contracts Integration between Blockchain and Internet of Things: Opportunities and ChallengesBlockchain2019
190Formal Specification Technique in Smart Contract VerificationBlockchain2019
191Decentralised Image Sharing and Copyright Protection using Blockchain and Perceptual HashesBlockchain2019
192Towards a Blockchain-Based Secure Electronic Medical Record for Healthcare ApplicationsBlockchain2019
193Fake News Detection in Social Media using BlockchainBlockchain2019
194A Blockchain-based decentralized system to ensure the transparency of organic food supply chainBlockchain2019
195Access Control for Electronic Health Records with Hybrid Blockchain-Edge ArchitectureBlockchain2019
196Fighting Fake News Propagation with BlockchainsBlockchain2019
197An Efficient Framework for Optimistic Concurrent Execution of Smart ContractsBlockchain2019
198A Blockchain-based Data Sharing Scheme in The Supply Chain by IIoTBlockchain2019
199Emergency Service for Smart Home System Using Ethereum Blockchain: System and ArchitectureBlockchain2019
200Secure Digital Service Payments using Zero Knowledge Proof in Distributed NetworkBlockchain2019
201A Hybrid Blockchain Architecture for Privacy-Enabled and Accountable AuctionsBlockchain2020
202Blockchain Redefining: The Halal Food SectorBlockchain2019
203Blockchain-Based Real Estate Market: One Method for Applying Blockchain Technology in Commercial Real Estate MarketBlockchain2020
204Formal Verification of Blockchain Smart Contract Based on Colored Petri Net ModelsBlockchain2019
205Artificial Intelligence Integrated Blockchain For Training Autonomous CarsBlockchain2019
206IOT based Electrical Device Surveillance and Control SystemIOT2019
207Real-Time Methodology for Improving Cyber Security in Internet of Things Using Edge Computing During Attack ThreatsIOT2020
208IOT based Electrical Device Surveillance and Control SystemIOT2019
209Securing IoT Devices and SecurelyConnecting the Dots Using REST API and MiddlewareIOT2019
210Deep Learning Models for Cyber Security in IoT NetworksIOT2019
211Smart Energy Efficient Home Automation System Using IoTIOT2019
212Design and Implementation of a Wearable Sensor Network System for IoT-Connected Safety and Health ApplicationsIOT2019
213Scalable and Configurable End-to-End Collection and Analysis of IoT Security Data : Towards End-to-End Security in IoT SystemsIOT2019
214A Smart Home Appliance Control System for Physically Disabled PeopleIOT2019
215A Review on Benefits of IoT Integrated Blockchain based Supply Chain Management Implementations across Different Sectors with Case StudyIOT2019
216A Blockchain Proxy for Lightweight IoT DevicesIOT2019
217A Development Architecture for the Intelligent Animal Care and Management System Based on the Internet of Things and Artificial IntelligenceIOT2019
218Adaptation of Proof-of-Stake-based Blockchains for IoT Data StreamsIOT2019
219IoT-Based Interactive Dual Mode Smart Home AutomationIOT2019
220A Smart Home Automation and Metering System using Internet of Things (IoT)IOT2019
221A Secure Healthcare System Design Framework using Blockchain TechnologyIOT2019
222Automation in Agriculture and IoTIOT2019
223A Video Surveillance System Based on Permissioned Blockchains and Edge ComputingIOT2019
224DDoS Botnet Prevention using Blockchain in Software Defined Internet of ThingsIOT2019
225Artificial Intelligence of Things Wearable System for Cardiac Disease DetectionIOT2019
226TrustChain: Trust Management in Blockchain and IoT Supported Supply ChainsIOT2019
227Real-time machine learning for early detection of heart disease using big data approachIOT2019
228Internet of Things for Greenhouse Monitoring System Using Deep Learning and Bot Notification ServicesIOT2019
229Human Activity Recognition and Prediction Based on Wi-Fi Channel State Information and Machine LearningIOT2019
230Using Blockchain to Enhance and Optimize IoT-based Intelligent Traffic SystemIOT2019
231Blockchain Based Secure Communication for IoT Devices in Smart CitiesIOT2019
232A Deep Learning Facial Expression Recognition based Scoring System for RestaurantsIOT2019
233Blockchain-based secure firmware management system in IoT environmentIOT2019
234CRF: Coexistent Routing and Flooding using WiFi Packets in Heterogeneous IoT NetworksIOT2019
235A Comparitive Analysis on E-Voting System Using BlockchainIOT2019
236Blockchain based Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme for Secure IoT Data SharingIOT2019
237Smart Health Monitoring System through IOTIOT2019
238Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Performance Optimization in Blockchain-Enabled Internet of VehicleIOT2019
239Drone Hacking with Raspberry-Pi 3 and WiFi Pineapple: Security and Privacy Threats for the Internet-of-ThingsIOT2019
240Multiple UAVs-based Surveillance and Reconnaissance System Utilizing IoT PlatformIOT2019
241Real-Time Speech Recognition for IoT Purpose using a Delta Recurrent Neural Network AcceleratoIOT2019
242A Two-Level Hybrid Model for Anomalous Activity Detection in IoT NetworksIOT2019
243IoT based Smart Traffic density Control using Image ProcessingIOT2019
244A CNN-based Packet Classification of eMBB mMTC and URLLC Applications for 5GIOT2019
245Machine Learning Application in Predictive MaintenanceIOT2019
246Blockchain Empowered Resource Trading in Mobile Edge Computing and NetworksIOT2019
247Internet of Things in Smart Agriculture: Enabling TechnologiesIOT2019
248IoT Based Remote Health Monitoring System for Patients and Elderly PeopleIOT2019
249A Blockchain-based Trust Management Approach for Connected Autonomous Vehicles in Smart CitiesIOT2019
250IoT Based Patient Monitoring System Using ECG SensorIOT2019
251IoT based smart garbage monitoring & collection system using WeMos & Ultrasonic sensorsIOT2019
252Domicile - An IoT Based Smart Home Automation SystemIOT2019
253Lightweight Node-level Malware Detection and Network-level Malware Confinement in IoT NetworksIOT2019
254Human Behavior Prediction Though Noninvasive and Privacy-Preserving Internet of Things (IoT) Assisted MonitoringIOT2019
255A Literature Study On Machine Learning Fusion With IOTIOT2019
256Smart Contracts Integration between Blockchain and Internet of Things: Opportunities and ChallengesIOT2019
257EDIMA: Early Detection of IoT Malware Network Activity Using Machine Learning TechniquesIOT2019
258Arduino Based Smart Energy Meter using GSMIOT2019
259A Real-Time Mechanical Structures Monitoring System Based On Digital Twin Iot and Augmented RealityIOT2019
260Healthcare Monitoring System and transforming Monitored data into Real time Clinical Feedback based on IoT using Raspberry PiIOT2019
261Big Data Analysis of E-Commerce Based on the Internet of ThingsIOT2019
262A Honeypot with Machine Learning based Detection Framework for defending IoT based Botnet DDoS AttacksIOT2019
263Smart Waste Collection Monitoring and Alert System via IoTIOT2019
264Smart Waste Management System for Crowded area : Makkah and Holy Sites as a ModelIOT2019
265Design of Smart Helmet for Accident AvoidanceIOT2019
266IoT Devices Security Using RF FingerprintingIOT2019
267Token-Based Lightweight Authentication to Secure IoT NetworksIOT2019
268Design of a Smart Independent Smoke Sense System Based on NB-IoT TechnologyIOT2019
269Real-time Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine LearningCloud Computing2019
270Automated Cloud Infrastructure Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery using Docker with Robust Container SecurityCloud Computing2019
271A new Security Mechanism for Vehicular Cloud Computing Using Fog Computing SystemCloud Computing2019
272Study on Deep Unsupervised Learning Optimization Algorithm Based on Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
273Analysis and Evaluation of Kubernetes Based NFV Management and OrchestrationCloud Computing2019
274Game Theoretical Multi-user Computation Offloading for Mobile-Edge Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
275Docker Swarm and Kubernetes in Cloud Computing EnvironmentCloud Computing2019
276Use of Machine Learning in Detecting Network Security of Edge Computing SystemCloud Computing2019
277Developing Realistic Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack Dataset and TaxonomyCloud Computing2019
278Blockchain based Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme for Secure IoT Data SharingCloud Computing2019
279Study on Deep Unsupervised Learning Optimization Algorithm Based on Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
280Why Does Your Data Leak? Uncovering the Data Leakage in Cloud from Mobile AppsCloud Computing2019
281A Security Model for the Enhancement of Data Privacy in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
282Collaborative Validation of Public-Key Certificates for IoT by Distributed CachingCloud Computing2019
283Analysis of Educational Data Mining using ClassificationCloud Computing2019
284Movie Recommender System Using K-Means Clustering AND K-Nearest NeighborCloud Computing2019
285Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Credit Card Fraud DetectionCloud Computing2019
286Fog Computing as a Complementary Approach to Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
287IoT and Cloud Computing based Smart Water Metering SystemCloud Computing2019
288Cloud of Things (CoT) based Smart CitiesCloud Computing2020
289Study of Cloud Security in Hyper-scalersCloud Computing2020
290A Deep Learning Based Distributed Smart Surveillance Architecture using Edge and Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
291Analysis and Detection of DDoS Attacks on Cloud Computing Environment using Machine Learning TechniquesCloud Computing2019
292Scalable Pathogen Pipeline Platform (SP^3): Enabling Unified Genomic Data Analysis with Elastic Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
293Privacy-Preserving Association Rule Mining Algorithm for Encrypted Data in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
294Towards a Parallel Constraint Solver for Cloud Computing EnvironmentsCloud Computing2019
295Online Virtual Machine Assignment Using Multi-Armed Bandit in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
296A new Security Mechanism for Vehicular Cloud Computing Using Fog Computing SystemCloud Computing2019
297Comparison of Various Fault Tolerance Techniques for Scientific Workflows in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
298DLECP: A Dynamic Learning-based Edge Cloud Placement Framework for Mobile Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
299A Novel Predictive Resource Allocation Framework for Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
300Towards Ingestion Processes of Kompsat Data in Open Data Cube on Open Source Cloud Computing EnvironmentCloud Computing2019
301A Simple and Secured Cryptography System of Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
302Multi-Objective Resource Mapping and Allocation for Volunteer Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
303Comparison of RBAC and ABAC Security Models for Private CloudCloud Computing2019
304Virtual Machine based Hybrid Auto-Scaling for Large Scale Scientific Workflows in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2020
305Powering Hands-on Cybersecurity Practices with Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
306iPrivacy: LWE Enhanced image protection over cloud storageCloud Computing2020
307Delivering Data Mining Services in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
308Block Chain Based Cloud Computing Model on EVM Transactions for Secure VotingCloud Computing2019
309Determination of Trustworthiness of Cloud Service Provider and Cloud CustomerCloud Computing2019
310Data Protection as a Service in the Multi-Cloud EnvironmentCloud Computing2019
311An IOT Approach to Vehicle Accident Detection using Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
312Constructing of vulnerability prevention secure model for the cloud computingCloud Computing2020
313Research of Fine Grit Access Control Based on Time in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
314Comparison of Privacy-Preserving Models Based on a Third-Party Auditor in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2020
315Multi-level Trust Agreement in Cloud EnvironmentCloud Computing2019
316Fine-Grained Access Control in the Era of Cloud Computing: An Analytical ReviewCloud Computing2020
317Cloud Computing Task Scheduling Algorithm Based On Improved Genetic AlgorithmCloud Computing2019
318Network Traffic based Virtual Machine Migration in Cloud Computing EnvironmentCloud Computing2019
319Application of Steganography Technique in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019
320Efficient load Balancing algorithm analysis in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2020
321A New Proposed Sensor Cloud Architecture Based on Fog Computing for Internet of ThingsCloud Computing2019
322Development of Agricultural Internet of Things Monitoring System Combining Cloud Computing and WeChat TechnologyCloud Computing2019
323Application of Big Data and Machine Learning in Smart Grid and Associated Security Concerns: A Reviewmachine learning2019
324Blockchain for AI: Review and Open Research Challengesmachine learning2019
325Deep Learning Approach for Intelligent Intrusion Detection Systemmachine learning2019
326HyperFace: A Deep Multi-Task Learning Framework for Face Detection Landmark Localization Pose Estimation and Gender Recognitionmachine learning2019
327Security Testbed for Internet-of-Things Devicesmachine learning2018
328Machine Learning Approach-Based Gamma Distribution for Brain Tumor Detection and Data Sample Imbalance Analysismachine learning2018
329Robust Intelligent Malware Detection Using Deep Learningmachine learning2019
330Review of Smart Meter Data Analytics: Applications Methodologies and Challengesmachine learning2018
331Early Fault Detection of Machine Tools Based on Deep Learning and Dynamic Identificationmachine learning2018
332Multi-Classification of Brain Tumor Images Using Deep Neural Networkmachine learning2019
333A Multimodal Deep Learning Method for Android Malware Detection Using Various Featuresmachine learning2019
334CNN-Based Adversarial Embedding for Image Steganographymachine learning2019
335Deep CNN-Based Blind Image Quality Predictormachine learning2019
336A Churn Prediction Model Using Random Forest: Analysis of Machine Learning Techniques for Churn Prediction and Factor Identification in Telecom Sectormachine learning2019
337Stock Market Trend Prediction Using High-Order Information of Time Seriesmachine learning2019
338Learning Affective Video Features for Facial Expression Recognition via Hybrid Deep Learningmachine learning2019
339Network Intrusion Detection for IoT Security Based on Learning Techniquesmachine learning2019
340Real-Time 3D Hand Pose Estimation with 3D Convolutional Neural Networksmachine learning2018
341A Hybrid Framework for Sentiment Analysis Using Genetic Algorithm Based Feature Reductionmachine learning2019
342Accurate EEG-Based Emotion Recognition on Combined Features Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networksmachine learning2019
343Survey of Attack Projection Prediction and Forecasting in Cyber Securitymachine learning2018
344Learning Pose-Aware Models for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition in the Wildmachine learning2019
345Speech Emotion Recognition Using Deep Learning Techniques: A Reviewmachine learning2019
346Learning Two-Branch Neural Networks for Image-Text Matching Tasksmachine learning2018
347Breast Cancer Detection Using Extreme Learning Machine Based on Feature Fusion With CNN Deep Featuresmachine learning2019
348Supervised Segmentation of Un-Annotated Retinal Fundus Images by Synthesismachine learning2018
349TensorFlow-Based Automatic Personality Recognition Used in Asynchronous Video Interviewsmachine learning2019
350Detecting Regions of Maximal Divergence for Spatio-Temporal Anomaly Detectionmachine learning2018
351Phishing Website Detection Based on Multidimensional Features Driven by Deep Learningmachine learning2019
352Lung and Pancreatic Tumor Characterization in the Deep Learning Era: Novel Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Approachesmachine learning2019
353Evolving Unsupervised Deep Neural Networks for Learning Meaningful Representationsmachine learning2018
354Reinforcement Learning Based Routing in Networks: Review and Classification of Approachesmachine learning2019
355Deep Learning Models for Cyber Security in IoT Networksmachine learning2019
356Wasserstein CNN: Learning Invariant Features for NIR-VIS Face Recognitionmachine learning2018
357Evolving Unsupervised Deep Neural Networks for Learning Meaningful Representationsmachine learning2019
358Lung and Pancreatic Tumor Characterization in the Deep Learning Era: Novel Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Approachesmachine learning2019
359An Ensemble Intrusion Detection Technique Based on Proposed Statistical Flow Features for Protecting Network Traffic of Internet of Thingsmachine learning2018
360A CNN-Based Framework for Comparison of Contactless to Contact-Based Fingerprintsmachine learning2019
361A Predictive Data Feature Exploration-Based Air Quality Prediction Approachmachine learning2019
362Deep Learning for Encrypted Traffic Classification: An Overviewmachine learning2019
363Medical Imaging using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms: A Reviewimage processing2019
364Capsule-forensics: Using Capsule Networks to Detect Forged Images and Videosmachine learning2019
365Detection of Liver Cancer using Image Processing Techniquesimage processing2019
366Bacteria Classification using Image Processing and Deep learningimage processing2019
367Image Restoration Using Total Variation Regularized Deep Image Priorimage processing2019
368Spoofing Attack Detection by Anomaly Detectionimage processing2019
369Detection Tracking and Classification of Aircraft and Drones in Digital Towers Using Machine Learning on Motion Patternsimage processing2019
370Facial Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks and Implementation on Smart Glassesimage processing2019
371Fast Convolution Algorithm for Convolutional Neural Networksimage processing2019
372Centroid-based Deep Metric Learning for Speaker Recognitionimage processing2019
373Video Action Recognition Via Neural Architecture Searchingimage processing2019
374Liver Steatosis Segmentation With Deep Learning Methodsimage processing2019
375FuturePose - Mixed Reality Martial Arts Training Using Real-Time 3D Human Pose Forecasting With a RGB Cameraimage processing2019
376Car Detection using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Comparison between Faster R-CNN and YOLOv3image processing2019
377Attention-based Atrous Convolutional Neural Networks: Visualisation and Understanding Perspectives of Acoustic Scenesimage processing2019
378Detection of Liver Cancer using Image Processing Techniquesimage processing2019
379Bacteria Classification using Image Processing and Deep learningimage processing2019
380Identification of Plant Disease using Image Processing Techniqueimage processing2019
381A Pitch-aware Approach to Single-channel Speech Separationimage processing2019
382MID-Fusion: Octree-based Object-Level Multi-Instance Dynamic SLAMimage processing2019
383Semi-supervised Transfer Learning for Convolutional Neural Networks for Glaucoma Detectionimage processing2019
384Modified Convolutional Neural Network Architecture Analysis for Facial Emotion Recognitionimage processing2019
385Diseases Detection of Various Plant Leaf Using Image Processing Techniques: A Reviewimage processing2019
3863D Human Pose Estimation With 2D Marginal Heatmapsimage processing2019
387A Deep Learning RCNN Approach for Vehicle Recognition in Traffic Surveillance Systemimage processing2019
388Object Detection and Identification Using Vision and Radar Data Fusion System for Ground-Based Navigationimage processing2019
389Video Captioning using Deep Learning: An Overview of Methods Datasets and Metricsimage processing2019
390Deep Learning for Detecting Diseases in Gastrointestinal Biopsy Imagesimage processing2019
391Fire Detection from Images Using Faster R-CNN and Multidimensional Texture Analysisimage processing2019
392Development of Automated Brain Tumor Identification Using MRI Imagesimage processing2019
393Machine Learning for Plant Leaf Disease Detection and Classification – A Reviewimage processing2019
394Improved Gesture Recognition Based on sEMG Signals and TCNimage processing2019
395Scale Pyramid Network for Crowd Countingimage processing2019
396Graph Convolutional Neural Networks For Alzheimer’s Disease Classificationimage processing2019
397IoT based Smart Traffic density Control using Image Processingimage processing2019
398Breast Cancer Classification using Capsule Network with Preprocessed Histology Imagesimage processing2019
399Free-Head Appearance-Based Eye Gaze Estimation on Mobile Devicesimage processing2019
400A Novel Framework of Hand Localization and Hand Pose Estimationimage processing2019
401Towards Learned Color Representations for Image Splicing Detectionimage processing2019
402Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition using a CNN Ensembleimage processing2019
403Capsule Networks for Brain Tumor Classification Based on MRI Images and Coarse Tumor Boundariesimage processing2019
404Generating Adversarial Examples By Makeup Attacks on Face Recognitionimage processing2019
405Early Forest Fire Detection Using Drones and Artificial Intelligenceimage processing2019
406Random Forest Oriented Fast QTBT Frame Partitioningimage processing2019
407Lip Reading Deep Network Exploiting Multi-Modal Spiking Visual and Auditory Sensorsimage processing2019
408Machine Learning for Position Detection in Footballimage processing2019
409Deep Neural Networks for No-Reference Video Quality Assessmentimage processing2019
410Enhancing Sound Texture in CNN-based Acoustic Scene Classificationimage processing2019
411Multi-attention Network for Thoracic Disease Classification and Localizationimage processing2019
412A CNN-Based Image Compression Scheme Compatible with JPEG-2000image processing2019
413Shadow Removal Detection and Localization for Forensics Analysisimage processing2019
414A Pipeline for Lung Tumor Detection and Segmentation from CT Scans Using Dilated Convolutional Neural Networksimage processing2019
415Face Landmark-based Speaker-independent Audio-visual Speech Enhancement in Multi-talker Environmentsimage processing2019
416Blind Motion Deblurring via Inceptionresdensenet by Using GAN Modelimage processing2019
417Video Jigsaw: Unsupervised Learning of Spatiotemporal Context for Video Action Recognitionimage processing2019
418Unsupervised Deep Transfer Feature Learning for Medical Image Classificationimage processing2019
419Deep Learning based Pedestrian Detection at all Light Conditionsimage processing2019
420Object Detection in Curved Space for 360-Degree Cameraimage processing2019
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